"DIBS is service minded in relation to knowledge sharing and data deliveries"


TELMORE started in October 2000 as a protest against the high and opaque prices of major telecommunications companies and cumbersome subscriptions. TELMORE was the first telecom company that was only online. Customers could easily serve themselves online, making it easy and cheap to be a customer. This is how TELMORE started, and how it still works today. Today, TELMORE is Denmark's largest online telecommunications company. At the same time, Telmore is Denmark's second largest online retailer with approx. 11% of all Dankort transactions on the Internet in Denmark. 

“Despite the large differences in the payments made by Telmore's customers, DIBS supports the differentiated payments in both timing and quality. Furthermore, DIBS is service minded in relation to knowledge sharing and data deliveries about Telmore's payments. This is crucial for the reconciliation of the entire Telmore payment flow, which consists of many single payments” Rune Vinther Jensen, CFO Telmore


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