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We minimize your exposure to fraud

Every day fraudulent behavior and identity theft threaten online businesses like yours, costing millions and damage reputations.

The fraud typically occurs when a person fraudulent gains access to credit card details and starts exploiting the credit cards for online purchases.

We monitor all incoming payments with different behavior triggers and alarm you when suspicious events occur. 

We offer a number of standard features in our fraud prevention service including:

  • Standard behavior trigger setup
  • Monitoring of suspicious IP addresses
  • Monitoring of suspicious credit cards

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Prevent fraud with DIBS DEFENDER

Fraud is a constant risk for every online business, no matter what you are selling online, or which markets you sell to

The extent of risk you are subject to varies depending on your current business situation, and is likely to evolve as your business does. This is why DIBS developed DIBS Defender - a customizable tool that offers more control of your security in addition to, or as a substitute for, 3D Secure.

  • Only accept cards from countries that you consider to be within your target market
  • Only accept users with IP addresses from countries that you consider to be in your market

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