Subscription payments

DIBS subscription payment service handles the subscription payments in a secure and efficient way

Subscription based services such as movie streaming services, wine clubs, book clubs, telecom operators, are all businesses that use subscription payments.

The card information is handled and stored by DIBS in a secure environment. 

Your benefits

  • Efficient and saves you time
  • Increases subscriber retention
  • Improves your operational control

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Simplified checkout

Userfriendly checkout process for your customers by storing their card details.

The customer enters the card details the first time they shop with you,  and the card will be stored for a quick checkout when the customer returns.

  • All card information is safely stored with DIBS
  • It increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • It increases your conversion rate 

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Split payment

Popular for merchants handling many backorders.

Storing the cards details makes it possible to divide the payments, and get paid in smaller portions.

Using Split payments allows you to:

  • Send partial orders
  • Collect smaller portions of the total amount
  • Provide a good customer service

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Help your customers keep track of their balance through automatic top-up.

Many customers use this service to top-up mobile cash cards, or refill travel certificates for public transport. But really, the top-up functionality, can be used for any business situation where you want your customer to instantly have a valid document of value.

  • Better conversion
  • Provide a good customer service
  • More satisfied customers.

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Micro payments

A high number of small payments are often quite expensive to process.

By "grouping" many small payments into one large, you can reduce the price drastically. Store the card, and activate the payment when you consider the amount to be right.

  • Reduce cost
  • Get happier customers
  • Better conversion

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