Discover fraud before it's too late

As the first company on the market, we offer a real time service, which can block potential fraud attempts coming from a single computer. SITE Protectr is a powerful complement to DIBS Defender. With SITE Protectr, you can discover fraudulent transactions faster and with greater precision than before. Each transaction is reviewed by a before being completed. If SITE Protectr detects fraudulent behavior, the specific computer will be blocked from shopping in the store. All information is stored for collection and can be passed on to the Police.

SITE Protectr suits webshops handling payments from all over the world, regardless of payment method. By blocking individual computers before the scammer has managed to complete the purchase, you avoid having to handle orders that do not result in revenue and profit.

  • Reduces the actual number of fraud and attempted fraud.
  • Stops the fraudster before purchase
  • Reduced administration
  • Protects your brand
  • Reduced costs for fraudulent purchases
  • Web-based administration tool gives you full control over your purchase transactions.
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