Sell ​​subscriptions in your webshop and invoice your customers at fixed intervals

Offer subscriptions in your webshop and handle bulk billing

With Easy you can sell subscriptions in your webshop. For example, if you sell memberships, ongoing services or goods on a subscription basis, you can benefit from using Easy, which help create your customers as subscribers, making it easy for you to bill your customers at fixed intervals.

With Easy payment subscriptions you can:

  • Freely choose how many days to go between each billing
  • Add registration fees or another additional fee upon first purchase
  • Specify when the first billing should take place
  • View your subscribers in the Easy admin portal
  • Perform bulk billing, billing all subscribers at the same time
  • Offer free trials to customers by postponing first payment date

Easy activation of payment subscriptions in WooCommerce

If you use the WooCommerce subscription payment module or have another subscription payment plugin for WooCommerce, the feature is already enabled for you.

In other words, you do not need to activate payment subscriptions in Easy or elsewhere, and you can start right away by creating subscribers.

The benefits of recurring payments  

Subscription-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to the classic subscriptions to TV and music streaming, we see new subscription solutions growing, eg meal boxes, animal food, beauty products and households (Source: Nordic e-commerce 2018).

The benefits to consumers are of course the convenience of getting their goods and services delivered to their address on fixed days, but it is also an advantage for your webshop as you get fixed payments. It provides calmness to the stomach and ensures that you receive payments on time.

At the same time, you increase customer satisfaction having online payment subscriptions, as customers only need to enter their card information the first time they buy something from you. Then you can charge for each period and the customers do not have to enter card information or log into online banking.

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