Prestashop module for online payments

Prestaworks AB has developed a DIBS payment module for Prestashop allowing you to easily accept card, invoice and direct payments in your webshop

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Prestashop online payment module


We make it easy to receive payments online

PrestaShop consists of 70 developers, designers, and professional e-commerce addicts with headquarters located in Paris and Miami. PrestaShop are committed to staying free and Open-source.


See how smooth it is to install the Easy checkout in Prestashop

Do you use version 1.6? Then you can see the videoguide here: Installationsguide for PrestaShop 1.6


Why you should choose DIBS with PrestaShop

We advice you to contact our sales department before starting your technical integration to DIBS

Here you will get advice and guidance on how to best combine your online payment solution. This way you ensure that, you get the right payment methods and currencies, as well as guidance along the way.

In order to accept payments online you need an agreement with an 3rd party entity who collects and pays out funds to your account. The actor, known as an acquirer or an acquiring bank. If you choose our Easy solution, we will handle everything.

DIBS has connections with several acquirers allowing you to access several different payment methods.


Technical documentation Try a free testaccount


Læs mere om mulighederne med integrationen herunder:

DIBS Payment Windows Get access to multiple versions and combinations of the responsive DIBS payments windows, including the possibility of customizing your payment window satisfying your specific needs 
Card Payments

Receive card payments and offer your customers a payment with a wide selection of local and international cards


Exploit the increased use of mobile phones when shopping online, by enabling MobilePay for your customers


PayPal is an international accepted payment option, which opens new markets for your business

Multiple Currencies

Allow your customers to pay in the currency they prefer

Remember Me

Safely store your customer’s card information making is simple and easy for your customers to make future payments

DIBS Defender

DIBS Defender is a self-developed tool, that minimizes the risk of card abuse in online purchases

Reports and Statistics

Receive reports and statistics of your transactions, and gain insights into the shopping patterns of your customers

Support via email and telephone

Get unlimited support via phone and e-mail by our dedicated support team


Choose Easy for PrestaShop and make it simple to receive payments

Integrate Basic/Pro to PrestaShop and customize your own unique solution

Read more about the packages here

Integrationer EASY BASIC/PRO
Authorization X X
Completion X
Instant completion   X
Refund   X
Subscription payments  




Download the installation guide by clicking on the picture below

How to install Easy for Prestashop


Read more about PrestaShop and download the module here

Download Easy for PrestaShop

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