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Features and solutions overview

Card payments
The preferred payment method in Scandinavia

Bank payments
Especially popular in Sweden, Finland and Poland

Invoice payments
Popular in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Finland

Callcenter payments
Get paid over the phone, mail or fax

Accept payments from anyone

Get paid with vouchers

Store card information
Increase customer loyalty and the rate of repeated purchases

Subcription payments
Get paid automatically every month

Mulitple currencies
Get paid in local and international currencies

Simplify your work by allowing your systems to communicate with our Administration

Split payments
Split your payments and get paid in smaller portions

Bulk service
Save time and minimize your work load


DIBS Payment Window
Responsive payment window

DIBS Enterprise
100% customized payment solution

DIBS in-app
Payment window in your din app

Sell directly from Facebook

Shop Modules
Connect our systems with your webshop - quick and simple 

3D Secure
Increase your security against card abuse

DIBS Defender
Prevent fraud and enhance security

Minimize loss when your acquirer is down

Security package
Prevent fraud and get alerted by suspicious behaviors

Extra account
Assign your payments to different accounts

Split payments
Split your payments and get paid in smaller rates

Reports and statistics
get the complete overview of all your transactions

Auto reports
Receive customzed reports

Multilingual administraion system
Pick your preference and get information in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English

Unlimited login creation
Create as many users as you like

Recurring payments
Simplify your checkout and increase convertion rates

Theme Editor
Change the look and feel of your payment window

Mail support
Unlimited e-mail support is included in all our products

Phone support
Unlimite phone support within our opening hours

Site inspection
We inspect your website and let you know if your site don't comply with the industry guidelines

Integration help
We can help optimize your integration

Got a lot of questions - or perhaps just one?