A payment platform going across offline and online can combine physical stores with mobile commerce, online and other sales channels

DIBS' omnichannel solutions provide you with many opportunities

Omnichannel provides simpler processes for both you and your customers in their shopping experience. Customers can return items they bought online, in a physical store, and this is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. In 2017, 19% of Nordic consumers had picked up a product that they had purchased online, in a physical store (Source: Nordic E-commerce 2017).

Many business owners therefore choose to expand their physical store with an online shop, just like many of the people who started out with a webshop have expanded with a physical store - and this brings numorous new opportunities like an expanded clientele among others.

With an omnichannel solution you can for example: 
  • Allow your customers to order and pay their cinema ticket online through your webshop and pick up the ticket in an unmanned physical terminal.
  • Allow your customers to book and pay their parking online, and then be able to enter the parking lot by simply registering their card.
  • Allow your customers to register at the entrance to a concert via a QR code they received when they bought the ticket online.

When you want to combine different sales channels (whether it's your physical store, online, self-service or mobile apps), this requires some different technical solutions.

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