Now you can receive payments via MobilePay in your webshop

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Make it even easier for your customers to shop online!
DIBS Payment Services and Danske Bank have now made it possible for everyone to offer MobilePay as a payment method in their webshop.

There are many benefits with MobilePay Online:

  • No threshold when your customers are using MobilePay to shop online
  • Easy for your customers - they are more likely to have their phone with them than their payment card
  • Just as easy for your company as offering card payment
  • Fast check-out for your customers - they don't have to enter their card information

Get started with MobilePay Online 

Depending on your agreement with DIBS and your acquirer, there will be different ways of getting started with MobilePay Online in your webshop.

For more information please call us at 70 20 30 77 or e-mail us at

How MobilePay works in your webshop

  • The customer chooses the payment method MobilePay in the webshop and enters the phone number
  • A request will be sent to the phone asking the customer to accept the payment . 
  • When the request has been approved the order amount will be withdrawn from the customer's payment card
  • The customer receives a receipt in the MobilePay app showing the approval of the payment 

Facts about MobilePay Online

The new solution for online companies is MobilePay Online.
With MobilePay Online, companies has the opportunity to offer their customers to pay with their payment card via MobilePay in webshops.

  • MobilePay Online is offered by the Payment Service Provider DIBS Payment Services
  • It is a prerequisite that the webshop has an agreement with an acquirer
  • As a webshop you do not have to be a customer at Danske Bank in order to offer MobilePay Online

Danske Bank has made a collaboration with the leading provider of online payment solutions in the Nordics, DIBS Payment Service, and Teller A/S, being an acquirer of international payment cards in Denmark. MobilePay Online is an independent solution for webshops and has no connection to MobilePay Business, which is a payment solution for physical stores.

If you wish to be contacted when MobilePay Online is ready to be launched, please sign up at

If you have questions about MobilePay Online, you can find our Q&A at the bottom of this page

You can find more information about MobilePay Online at

Remember that it is possible to add more than one card to MobilePay

4 out of 5 users have a VISA/Dankort associated to MobilePay, but there exists up to 5 mil. international cards on the danish market. The customers will now be able to add these cards in the set-up function in the app. This applies to Mastercard or other visacards than Visa/Dankort. The advantage with several of the international cards is that they often offers improved customer-protection on e-commerce.

It is a good idea for the customers to add international cards to MobilePay, because Danske Bank will not be able to offer a solution where it will be possible to mobilepay with Dankortet or VISA/Dankortet in webshops at first. The bank has chosen to make a user-friendly solution and a fast launch a priority, in order to meet a great demand with the customers and webshops. 

Frequently asked questions

When the solution is launched in Q1, your company only needs an agreement about MobilePay Online with DIBS and an agreement with an acquirer (acquirer agreement). It is a prerequisite that the acquirer has a MobilePay Online agreement with Danske Bank. At you will find an outline of the acquirers who offers MobilePay Online already. 

At the moment, Danske Banks has an agreement with Teller A/S, but they expect to reach new agreements with other acquirers during 2015. 

The customers' payment will be evident as a MobilePay payment in DIBS administration system, in the same way as any other payment. 

Yes, anyone who has MobilePay are able to use the app for payment online, if they have activated MobilePay for e-commerce. MobilePay-users will have to add a card that can be used for payments via MobilePay when they shop online, that means MasterCard, VISA or VISA Electron. The customer will be able to mark which card they want to use for payments online.  

Dankort and Visa/Dankort cannot be used for payments via MobilePay Online yet. 

YES, it is just as safe as offering card payments. 

All card numbers and codes are being handled according to the set of demands from Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS is a set of demands for optimisation of the security towards the online payment data, which is set by the leading card issuers, including MasterCard, VISA, American Express etc. 

MobilePay Business and MobilePay Online are two independent solutions. Both solutions are made for company use and makes it possible for private customers to pay with the MobilePay app in shops. The two solutions are different from each other since MobilePay Business is made for use in physical stores where MobilePay Online is made for online payments. 

If you want to have both MobilePay Online and MobilePay Business for your company, you need to have two separate agreements.

Payment via MobilePay is equal to card payment and therefore the timeframe will be the same as for card payments. 

At the moment, Danske Bank have an agreement with Teller A/S, but they expect to reach agreements with further acquirer during 2015. On, you can find a list of the acquirers, who have made an agreement with Danske Bank about MobilePay Online.

Right now, the customer are able to use the following cards to pay with MobilePay Online: MasterCard, VISA and VISA Electron. It is a prerequisite that your webshop has an acquirer agreement with an acquirer who accepts payment with the particular card.

It is not possible to pay online with neither Dankort nor VISA/Dankort yet. 

When MobilePay Online is launched, it will be possible to use CaptureNow/InstantCapture.

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment.

MobilePay Online will only be available on Flexwin. Existing customers who doesn't use Flexwin have two options if they wish to get MobilePay Online:

1. Switch to DIBS' other payment window Flexwin. 

2. Keep your existing DIBS payment window in the payments you use today and send MobilePay payments to our Flexwin payment window at the same time. For this solution, you will need two payment systems in your shop. Call DIBS support for further information. 

DIBS & MobilePay

From the very beginning, DIBS have been behind the payment solution in the MobilePay app and this new solution for businesses – MobilePay Online – is an extension of the collaboration that now makes it possible for webshops to offer MobilePay as a payment option via DIBS.

Right now, MobilePay-users are able to shop online at selected test shops, including Fona, Falck, T. Hansen, Chanti, Det Kongelige Teaterr, Billetlugen and Smartbox, who are all DIBS customers.

Read more about our collaboration with Danske Bank and MobilePay Online in the press release from the summer of 2014, where we started testing MobilePay Online.

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