Increased turnover with invoice payments

Missha Norge AS

Today, half of the customers at Missha Norge pay with invoice. These customers had probably not been there without the invoice opportunity in Easy.

Missha is one of the largest brands of skin care and cosmetic products in Asia, but did not yet exist in Norway. This gave the couple Maria and Christoffer Strømberg the opportunity to start their own webshop. They secured a distributor agreement for Norway and established Missha Norge AS in the spring of 2017. In May, they launched online and started selling Missha products.

K-beauty, or Korean beauty, has become a concept in the cosmetics market. This niche in cosmetics is getting more and more attention internationally, as well as in Norway. People are more concerned about the ingredients in cosmetic products and they don’t want to pay too much. So we believe it’s the right time we have entered this market, says Christoffer Strømberg, chairman and technical manager, while Maria Strømberg is responsible of the day-to-day operations.


Fewest possible obstacles before making a purchase

When the newly started company was to establish their webshop, they looked at different payments solutions and chose DIBS.

“DIBS was very competitive on price and had an easy-to-use solution back in the spring of 2017. But then Easy came in last autumn. We quickly saw the benefit of the platform recognizing the customer so she do not have to enter the same information every time. It’s much faster and it’s important for us online that it’s as easy as possible for the customer,” says Strømberg.

A new feature of Easy is to let the customer pay with invoice. It has had a big impact on Missha Norge.

"We installed Easy in October last year, and now we can see that about 50 percent of our customers pay with invoice. These are customers who would probably not pay with cards. The threshold for making a purchase has gotten significantly lower for these customer,” says Strømberg.


Keeping track of costs

As a start-up company, Strømberg strives after keeping costs as low as possible, while still finding good solutions for their webshop.

We chose a platform called OpenCart. It’s a very popular online platform with many additional features. At the same time, DIBS had the payment features we needed. DIBS configured its payment solution to fit OpenCart, says Strømberg.

Thus, Missha did not need to hire an external web developer. DIBS had modules that connected to the platform making it work seamlessly.


Upgrading to Easy was very simple

The installation was very fast. You download a zip file and place it on the webhotel and you are up and running. What takes time is testing. You want to test the purchase function with different cards and invoices. Within a week, we were live and it has been great ever since, says Strømberg.
Easy is added as a module in the layout of the webshop so when DIBS makes upgrades, it happens automatically without the webshop needing to change anything.


Better overview and faster payments

It is not only easier for the customers, but also for the webshop owners. Easy has a new administration portal.

The portal works well. You get a better overview than you did before, both over payments and any fees that arise from transactions and accounting, says Strømberg.

Missha Norge offers payments with Visa and MasterCard and with invoice. They have not yet received any requests for other cards.


“We are in the blissful position that we experience the majority of our customers come back again and again. That’s probably because they are pleased with Missha’s products and that the payment solution is good,” summarizes Strømberg.


Read more about Easy here


Missha Norge AS

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