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To get an invoice solution you need us - and one of our great invoice partners.

Invoice is very popular in Sweden and Norway. If you are approaching those markets, you will rapidly increase the conversion rate by offering invoice payment in your webshop.

  • No risk of losing money to fraud
  • You avoid spending time dealing with reminders and debt collection
  • Happier customers who pay when they receive their order

Invoice payments are best combined with card and bank payments. Want to learn more about online payments?

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Supported invoice payments


AfterPay offers both invoice and installments.

  • Represented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands

How does it work?

In your webshop, the customer adds various items to their shopping basket, and clicks to checkout and pay.

  • DIBS Payment Window will appear, and the customer can make a safe and easy payment by selecting their preferred payment method. With our latest version, built with responsive design, the DIBS Payment Window is  automatically adjusted to fit the screen of the device accessing it.
  • When the payment is made,  the payment status can easily be followed in the DIBS administration system - also giving you the opportunity to make refunds, create reports and much more.

Accept payments online in 3 easy steps

DIBS has a wide range of payment methods. Depending on which markets you are aiming for, and what target groups you are approaching, the mix of payment methods offered to the customers should vary.

We will give you the right counselling and guidance to make the payment methods suit your business.

In order to accept payments in your web shop, you need an agreement with a financial partner, as well as DIBS. It is the financial partner who manages transactions and pays the settled amount on your bank account.

DIBS has many financial partners that can accept different kinds of payment methods.

Once the contract is signed with the financial partner, all the information will be sent directly from them to DIBS. This minimizes the administrational work for you.

Please ask us for advice if you are uncertain of which financial partner to use.

  • If you are using one of our partners this part is most likely already taken care of.
  • If you are integrating on your own, we will supply you with the technical documentation and give you all support needed to get started.
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