When you are ready to go live with Easy you need to prepare your webshop for site inspection. Please follow the general instructions below. Any missing information can delay your webshop going live. It is therefore important to make sure that all information below is available in your webshop.

Contact details

The shop’s contact details should be visible on the page including:

  • Name
  • Address (including country)
  • E-mail and/or telephone number to your support or service desk
  • The shop’s Company registration number (CVR, Organisation number)

Terms & conditions

On webpage:

  • Terms of sale and delivery, including the right to terminate the purchase agreement.
  • Terms of consumers right to cancel a purchase according to the distance and off premises act. This includes cancellation period and terms for withdrawl. 
  • Description of the goods and services that your webshop is selling (including prices, taxes and fees)
  • Clear shipping policies (by courier, post, traceable etc.) and expected delivery time.
  • International shipping restrictions, if applicable.
  • State which currencies you are using by currency code (SEK). E.g. "All prices are in SEK incl VAT"
  • Information about how personal information is treated.
  • Information about how card information is treated.

Order summary

Before the customer proceeds to the check-out page there should be a summary including the following:

  • A complete description of the services/products included in the order. In other words, the customer must never doubt what he/she is paying for.
  • A clear itemization of the total amount being charged including shipping, value added tax, etc.
  • It must be clear to the consumer what currency is applied for the transaction. If you offer international shipping, please state the currency code in the order summary also. (SEK)
  • Clarification that the consumer can pay by card.
  • Inform your customer that the invoice will be sent via e-mail.

Order confirmation/receipt

Once a purchase is completed, the customer must receive a confirmation of the order and a receipt in the form of an on-screen-display and e-mail.

  • Order confirmation immediately on-screen-display after purchase.
    - Transaction status (completed/accepted/declined)


  • Order confirmation e-mail must contain the following information and should be sent immediately to the customer after a successful order.
    - Payment ID
    - Expected date of delivery (i.e. "will be delivered within 5 days")
    - Your contact details including company name, address, e-mail address and/or telephone number
    - A complete description of the services/products purchased
    - The order number (your webshop’s internal order reference number)
    - The last four digits of the card number when purchase is done by card
    - Order date
    - Prices must include the currency (SEK)
    - The total amount being charged (incl. charges, value added tax, shipping etc.)
    - The payment status (completed/declined)
    - The amount indicated must not exceed the amount quoted in the order form

Test purchase

In order to get your webshop approved in our site inspection we need to make sure that it is possible to complete a test purchase. You then will need to have fulfilled/accomplished the following tasks:

  • Complete your integration
  • Have an article ready in your webshop with total amount of 3 SEK
  • Your webshop is in testmode
  • Used the test credentials
  • Connected to test API

You are now ready to make a test purchase.

Checklist for a successful site inspection

Please make sure you have completed the following steps in order to go live:

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