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23% of Nordic consumers prefer to pay with invoice when they shop online

By offering an invoice in addition to card payment, you therefore increase the possibility of more completed purchases.

One of the most common reasons why consumers cancel purchases are when the online store does not offer the payment method that the customer wants to use at the point of purchase. By offering multiple payment methods you can get more completed purchases and increase your sales. With the Easy payment solution you get a card and invoice payment in one and the same agreement.

When choosing invoice payment through Easy you gain the following advantages:

  • Always paid - You avoid the risk of fraud, as we cover the credit risk
  • Easier everyday and freed up time for other things - We handle billing, so you don't have to spend time on administration and payment reminders.
  • Optional invoice fee - You are free to set the desired fee on the invoice that you offer in your online store. This is free, dynamic and good news for online stores who see the need to cover the cost of billing services.
  • Seamless payment experience for your customers - Recurring customers pay with just one click.

With Easy, payment is just one click away

Easy is built for the best possible conversion, in order for you to get as many purchases completed in your online store as possible. Your customers have the opportunity to securely store invoice information and shipping address, which allows for a one-click payment proces at repurchase - across all online stores that use Easy as their payment solution. For new customers, address information is obtained from their social security number. 

When the customer chooses to pay by invoice, a credit check is made, after which you can deliver the goods/services and initiate invoicing through our webbased administration portal. The invoice is then generated and sent automatically to your customer. 



Split payments is now launched as an integral part of the Easy checkout

By using invoice in Easy, your customers can already at the point of payment in the checkout choose a split payment plan for the purchase. Your customers will thus be able to pay a fixed amount per month until the entire amount is paid off, while you as an online store owner will be paid the entire purchase price right away.

Split-payment is expected to provide more completed purchases and a higher average order value. This is especially good for customers who buy goods of higher value or who want to split up their payment.

Online stores that use the Easy payment solution get this basic package activated at no extra cost. The package includes the following split payment options for your customers (not applicable to business customers):

Account: available when the total amount is greater than 200 NOK.

When your customers choose 'account' payment, the customer can collect all their purchases across all online stores that offer Easy checkout, and receive a monthly invoice. The minimum to pay per month is based on the amount in the basket. The higher the basket amount, the higher the minimum to pay per month. 

3-6-12 months repayment: available at purchase amounts greater than 1.200 NOK.

These features are available in Sweden and Norway. 

Our collaborative partner for invoice and split payments is Arvato AS. Purchase terms that will apply to your customers can be found for Sweden here and Norway here

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