Flexible checkout with recognition

You decide the setup of your Easy checkout yourself

With Easy you have more options with the checkout window and how the payment process should be in your webshop:

  • Integrated checkout (embedded)
  • Hosted checkout (redirect)
  • Payment via customer / member login

Integrated checkout (embedded)

Easy checkout can be embedded directly in your webshop, so payment becomes an integrated part of your webshop. In this way, your customers remain in your webshop throughout the payment process and avoid having to switch between different windows.

As Easy checkout remembers customers across webshops and devices, returning customers will find that their name, address and card details have already been entered when they come to the payment. They can therefore pay in your webshop with one click on the payment button. It provides a quick and easy payment process - and we know that fewer clicks give more purchases.

If the customer has previously traded in an Easy-webshop, the system will remember the customer's data based on the customer's email and postal code.

According to Nordic e-commerce 2018, approximately half of the Norwegians, Swedes, Finish and Danes prefer that their card details are filled in beforehand when shopping online.

To the right you can see an example of how Easy checkout can look.

Hosted checkout (redirect)

You can also choose to have a hosted Easy checkout, ie. a payment window that is embedded on a Nets website where your customers can pay. Once the purchase is completed, your customers will be sent back to your webshop.

This solution is an obvious opportunity for you who use a webshop system where hosted checkout windows are a requirement, eg. Shopify.


Payment via customer/member login

If you have a webshop where your customers use a login and where your customers have already registered their name and address, you can link this information to Easy checkout.

That is, when your customers log in and come to the payment, Easy will already have registered their billing information so the customers just have to click "pay". It provides an easy and simple payment flow for you who has a website with customer-/member login.

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