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Frequently asked questions

Please follow our guide here. We are working on improving the search function for the Easy administration portal.
When you ship your goods it is important that you charge the payment to make sure you will get your money. Click here to read about how to charge a payment.
Yes, you need to use the functionality Edit and Charge. Just check the checkbox for the order lines that you are ready to ship. The order lines that are not charged the first time can be charged later. Read more here.
Yes, you need to use the functionality Edit and Charge. You can edit the price fields to the preferred amount and check the order lines that you want to charge. A new order line will be created with the remaining amount that can be charged at a later stage. It is also possible to make a higher price on a specific order line as long as the total sum does not exceed the original reserved amount. Read more here.
You have most probably received a payout from us. The payout id is written as a reference on the bank account. Use that together with the date you received it to find the payout in our system. Read more here.
Go to the payout section in the portal where you can get information about all payouts that have been made and all payments that are included in the payouts. There is also information on what you have been charged by DIBS for each specific payment as well as summaries for all payments within a payout. Read more about payouts here.
Yes, you can create new users by adding your colleague's name, phone and email address. Go to the user pages in the portal and click ”create user”. Need more information? Click here.
If it is address or name changes you can contact our support department. If the changes are affecting your company registration number you need to contact our sales department so that we can help you out with a new application. Get in touch with us here.

You have probably received some kind of error code. Please contact our support and include the error code in the message so they can help you out. 


You will receive your payout with a delay (typically 5 days), you can see how many days in your agreement. Read more here.

At the moment card and invoice are included. We are working on adding more alternatives and are always interested in your input.

Click here for more information. All the technical information on how to integrate can be found on our techsite.


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