Checkout Styler Guide


  Personalize your checkout

  More than 10 themes and colors


What is the Easy Checkout Styler tool?

The Easy Checkout Styler tool enables you to change the look of your Easy Checkout to perfectly match your webshop.

The tool allows you to play around with the design while displaying in real time what the checkout design would look like in your webshop.


Access to the tool

The Easy Checkout Styler is available in the Easy Administration portal under “Company”.


The tool offers a range of themes to choose from or the option to customize according to your brand.


Colors and themes

The styler tool enables you to change the color of the background, the outline and the payment button. You may also change the shape of the payment button, the font and the color of the footer.



If you would like to publish one of the themes, simply click "Publish design" in order to go live with your chosen theme.

If you want to customize a theme, you need to save the theme before you publish the design.


If you have questions, please contact our support.

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