How to manage your payments

How to find a specific payment

Find a payment by selecting payment status, date range and sorting the columns. Read more


New payments

New payments require your action. Read more.


Multiple payments

Several payments may be Charged, Cancelled or Refunded at once. Read more.


Get more information on a specific payment

Find Payment details by clicking the order row or View details in the Quick actions drop down menu. Read more.


Cancel a payment

If a consumer cancels an order before the gods are shipped, you may Cancel the payment. Read more.



If you receive returned goods or simply want to refund the consumer you need to Refund the initially Charged payment. In order to Refund a payment, simply click Refund in the Quick actions drop down menu. Read more.


Test and Live

Your account has two settings: one for testing and one for running live payments. Read more.


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