How to handle new payments

Remember to Charge your payments

New payments require your action. When you ship the order, make sure to Charge payment in order to receive the funds from DIBS. If the order is canceled by the consumer, make sure to Cancel the payment in order to release the reservation on the consumer payment card. 
How to Charge a payment
Charge a payment on the same day as you ship the matching order. To Charge one payment, simply select the payment in the payment overview click Charge in the Quick actions drop down menu. To Charge several payments at once, select the payments and click Charge. 
Edit before charging a payment
All orders may be partially charged - we have listed three scenarios with examples below. 

1. Charge a specific product

To Charge one or several products you check the select boxes. The total sum of the refund will be calculated based on the selected order lines. Control the amount and click Charge. 
Example: You have received an order of 1 red T-shirt and 1 yellow T-shirt, but it turns out you only have the red T-shirt in stock. You want to deliver the red T-shirt now and the yellow as soon as it arrives from your supplier. Check the order line for the red T-shirt and click Charge. The yellow T-shirt will be possible to charge at a later stage (as long as it is within 30 days*). 
2. Change quantity before Charging
You can edit the quantity on an order line by entering a new value in the quantity field. The total will be updated according to your changes. Control the amount and click Charge. 
Example: You have received an order of 100 red T-shirts. You only have 80 in stock and the customer want you to send what you have as soon as possible. To do this you write "80" in the quantity field. The system will update the total automatically and you can click Charge to complete the order. 
3. Change the amount before charging 
You can change the amount on an order line by entering a new value in the price field. The total will be updated according to your changes. Control the amount and click Charge.
Example: Your customer has called to cancel the order. You however are a great seller and have managed to persuade the customer to go through with the purchase - with 20 SEK discount. Lower the amount to the agreed price in the input field. The system will calculate the total according to your changes.
When lowering the price a new order line will be created containing the remaining part of the reserved amount. Also, note that it is not possible to charge an amount that exceeds the original order. The system will tell when you exceed the limit.
4. Reset if you lose track of changes
All of the changes above can also be made in combination. If you make changes and get lost there is always a possibility to reset the changes to get back to the starting point when you opened the modal.

*Please note that card payments need to be Charged within 30 days, or else the payment will be cancelled automatically. It will then require a new order from your customer if you wish to Charge after the 30 days. 




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