DIBS merges into Nets

DIBS merges into Nets

Four years ago, Nets acquired DIBS to strengthen its online payments offering. DIBS had been pioneering the industry since 1998 and amassed great e-commerce expertise, a wide variety of customers and a well-developed partner network. DIBS have been growing fast within Nets Merchant Services, and has been responsible for developing the cutting-edge online payments platform Easy. 

As e-commerce is one of the most important strategic focus areas of Nets, the merging of DIBS into Nets is a natural step on our exciting journey to become a European payment champion. To achieve this, superior and fully integrated payment solutions is a must. The Easy platform is the foundation for the future of e-commerce within the Nets Group and will become stronger in Nets offering with greater scalability.


Each year, Nets handles billions of transactions and is one of the leading payment providers in Europe, focusing on making it even easier and more intuitive for customers to handle online payments and related services. This has made Nets a trusted partner for more than 400,000 merchants, including 35,000 webshops.

As a customer you get access to even more smart services. Nets offers a wide range of payment solutions within omni-channel, physical stores and e-commerce. At Nets, we are working to become the best payments provider in Europe, which also will be an advantage for you selling internationally.

DIBS becomes Nets on December 12, 2019. After this date, DIBS customers will be transferred to Nets contracts. This will not affect your prices or solutions from DIBS.

Your agreement with DIBS will be transferred to Nets, which you will receive more information about in October. It will not be necessary to sign a new contract.

Your agreement terms will not change, so you can terminate your agreement under applicable terms from DIBS.

Although we are changing our name to the Nets, we are still the same people working here. You will therefore have the same contacts as you have always had and hear the same voices when you call our support.

There are no plans for price changes in connection with the move to Nets. You therefore continue with the same prices.

We will update the information on your invoices to indicate that your solution is now provided by Nets. Before we merge with Nets, you will be informed about these changes.

Yes, your login information remain the same and you can log in to your agreement as usual.

If you have any questions about our transition to Nets, you can always contact us at support@dibs.dk.