The cooperation with DIBS means that we can create the best conditions for buying and selling experiences

"Easy, agile and up-to-date payment solutions are a key element"


Billetlugen is a Danish company that was founded in 2006 and handles all services in connection with the communication of tickets. Billetlugen works from the idea of making it easier and more inspiring to buy tickets and puts a lot of effort into informing about the individual events that take place, while making it easier to order and buy tickets.

“At Billetlugen we strive to be the best selling platform for experiences in the Nordic countries. Easy, agile and up-to-date payment solutions are a key element in creating the best conditions for buying and selling experiences, and we are happy to through our work with DIBS also to be on the forefront in this field”. Kasper Schumacher, Adm. Director, Billetlugen.

Billetlugen has chosen a tailor-made solution to suit their particular needs. The tailor-made solution has enabled them to optimize their design and layout and thus to work with the user-friendliness of their website and increase the conversion rate. Billetlugen also uses DIBS Failover, as they at larger events must ensure that they can handle all the many potential customers, even if their primary system should fail.



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