Offer also your business customers to pay with 1 click

Easy remembers your customer's information - e.g. CVR number

With Easy, it's both your private and business customers who can pay with 1 click in your webshop, regardless of whether they pay by card or invoice. Easy checkout is an integrated part of your webshop so when your customers have placed items in their digital shopping cart and click on to payment, they will not have to switch to a new window.  

Your customer can in the checkout choose to make the payment as a private or corporate customer.

You choose which type of customer should be chosen as a starting point.

Business customers identify themselves by email, zip code and CVR number, which is stored in Easy, so the fields will automatically be filled in for the customer for future purchases. This applies across all webshops that use Easy.

This means that returning customers will immediately see their payment and delivery information on your payment page so they just have to click "Pay" to complete the purchase. Your customers can also add multiple payment cards and shipping addresses, which you can see in the picture below. This makes it more flexible and easier for your customers to pay.

Your business customers can add more payment cards in Easy so they can easily switch between the relevant cards. Additionally, it is possible to add up to five shipping addresses, for example, if your company has offices in multiple locations.


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