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When DIBS started back in 1998, it was all about solving one particular problem; how to receive payments online. It turned out that more customers had the same challenge, and today DIBS is represented in 20 countries with over 30,000 customers and more than 2,000,000,000 transactions completed.

Since 2014, DIBS has been owned by Nets and is now responsible for all online payment solutions in Nets. At our offices across the Nordic region, more than 120 employees in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Oslo work to make online payments even easier - for both you and your customers.

In DIBS, we follow the development within e-commerce closely and continuously update our payment solutions to suit consumer preferences. Each year we publish the statistical report "Nordic e-commerce" that provides both ourselves and the rest of the industry with good insights to the e-commerce market. In the report, we share our advice on how to optimize your webshop - for example, using your payment solution. Our vision is that no consumer should choose to cancel a purchase due to a difficult checkout flow.

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Payments made easy

We make it easy to get paid online

  • We provide more than 40 different payment options with one integration
  • We give you specialized consulting and help to get started
  • Our Administration is user-friendly and easy manageable

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Safe and reliable

We make online shopping safe and consistent

  • We meet all the safety requirements within the industry
  • Our security is annually reviewed by Visa / Mastercard
  • We supply top class products to prevent fraud

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Experienced and flexible

We create your solution backed by knowledge

  • We have 18 years of experience with tailored payment solutions
  • More than 15,000 customers and 2 billion transactions
  • We have local experts represented throughout the Nordic countries

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Impressive partners

We have a vast and impressive partner network that can help you succeed

  • Partners with technical expertise in how to integrate DIBS
  • Impressive list of financial partners, that makes it possible to accept many payment types
  • We have many, many partners that can help you succeed with your ecommerce solution

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