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DIBS offers subscription-based payment solutions, relevant for several types of companies.

Learn 2 gruppen

Learn2Ski was established in 2009 by entrepreneur and former cross-country skier, Siri-Halle. From the start, ski school has been the main product in the business, which has had spectacular developments in the years following this. In recent years, about 3,000 have attended the ski schools by Learn2Ski. The company is called the Learn2 group and also offers running, kayaking and windsurfing through Learn2Run, Learn2Kayak and Learn2Windsurf. Common for all the courses in all the sports is that they arrange trips, of 2-3 days / nights, in small groups, with professional instructors. In 2013, the number of instructors were 160, of which 130 of these were ski instructors.

The Learn2 group uses DIBS 'payment solution to charge for outdoor training, as a subscription-based offer, and to charge for various products on the Learn2Skis webshop.

"It's easy for the customer and safe for us", Siri Halle, CEO, Learn2 Gruppen AS. 

It is important for the Learn2 group to have a serious payment provider with a secure framework and good conditions. CEO Siri Halle would like to emphasize that they got good information about DIBS 'payment solution and about the process of card acquiring. The Learn2 group perceives DIBS as a safe and trustworthy player, with a comfortable staff and a payment solution that works as it should.



Learn 2 gruppen

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