Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

Extra layer of fraud protection 

When your customers shop online and pay with their VISA or MasterCard, you can make an extra security check by asking your customers to confirm the payment with a one-time password they receive by text message. When they enter the text message password, they confirm that they are the rightfully owners of the credit card. In this way you gain more security and minimize your fraud risk.

The 3D Secure standard was developed by VISA with the service name Verfied by VISA. MasterCard version of the similar service is called MasterCard SecureCode.

Chargeback liability shift

If you are enabled for 3D Secure (Verifed by VISA and MasterCards Securecode) you can minimize the number of chargebacks. When you customer go through the 3D Secure check the chargeback liability is shifted to the card issuer, event if the card issuer is not a participating member of the service, or the cardholder is not enrolled.   

Your benefits

  • Minimize your fraud risk
  • Increase customer confidence and secure online payments
  • The bank takes full responsibility in case of card abuse
  • Reduces costs from fraudalent chargebacks

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