DIBS supplies payment system for Apoteket e-commerce solution


DIBS Payment Services has entered into an agreement with Apoteket AB regarding payment services for Apoteket’s sales of drugs and goods for resale on the Internet. This agreement involves links to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners and Internet banks in Sweden. “I am very pleased that Apoteket has entrusted us to become part of their e-commerce initiative. Our functionality, security, price and administration all underwent assessment during the negotiation stage, thereby demonstrating that the overall concept offered by DIBS offers the very best quality,” says Eric Wallin, Managing Director of DIBS. Apoteket will be continuing to develop and integrate its various systems so as to make its growing e-commerce sector simple, fast and secure for its customers. The company’s aim is to improve uptime for consumers and give customers more choices when it comes to ordering and delivery, while maintaining top security and quality. Apoteket currently sees 90 million visits from customers every year and issues some 24 million electronic receipts. DIBS Payment Services has been listed on First North since 18 June 2007 under the name DIBS. For further information, please contact: Eric Wallin, Managing Director, DIBS Payment Services, Telephone: +46 70 329 77 74

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