DIBS to Provide Payment Services for Björn Borg Underwear

DIBS Payment Services (publ) AB, listed at First North, has now signed an agreement with Björn Borg AB with regards to the payment services for the sale of underwear online.


In October, Björn Borg launched the company's new website www.bjornborg.com. This platform is being used as Björn Borg's webshop which, by way of introduction, will be selling underwear products. The goal is to support existing markets and broaden the range of distribution to new markets. The webshop is set up such that the consumer will enjoy the same experience there as if he/she were to be shopping right in the concept store. "I welcome Björn Borg as a new customer at DIBS Payment Services. DIBS Payment Services is in the forefront with regards to how an attractive forum of business can be established for a customer and in demonstrating how the Internet can be used as an effective sales channel on the market", says Eric Wallin, the CEO of DIBS. The Björn Borg AB is developing and operating its activities under the brand name Björn Borg. The programme currently includes the product fields of clothing, shoes, bags, glasses and perfumes that are sold on more than ten markets. In 2006, the total sale of Björn Borg products recorded 1.4 milliard SEK in consumer line. Björn Borg stock is traded on the OMX Nordiska stock exchange, Mid-Cap. "We chose DIBS to be our supplier based on recommendations from other market participants. DIBS' solution is safe, provides us with security and was simple to implement in our newly launched webshop", says CFO Johan Mark, of Björn Borg.

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