DIBS deliver payment solutions to CDON.COM


DIBS Payment Services have signed a contract to deliver payment solutions to CDON.COM, the biggest Internet store within the Nordic countries. CDON.COM, who sell music, films and books, among other things, had a customer base in excess of 1.5 million in 2006 and sales amounting to around 740 SEK m. “As the market leader we have to provide quality for our customers in all respects. A proper working payment solution is vital for our business model and DIBS Payment Services respond to these high demands when it comes to both quality and performance”, says Martin Edblad, the financial controller at CDON.COM. DIBS payment solution will be in fully operational this summer. “That the biggest internet store has chosen us as its supplier, I view as a further evidence that our payment solutions hold up the highest quality class”, says Eric Wallin, CEO for DIBS. DIBS Payment Services have been listed on the First North list of the Stockholm stock exchange since June 18th 2007 under the initials DIBS.

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