DIBS makes it easy to receive payments online with all popular payment methods.

All our solutions include the popular "Save my card"-functionality, which provides a super fast checkout flow and a higher conversion rate

The "Save my card" functionality has stored cards this many times

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Know-how based on 15,000 customers

Travel services

Travel and booking is the largest industry in e-commerce. Norwegian Kystbussen allows their customers to pay simply with an app and BroBizz charges toll fees from more than 300,000 customers with a payment solution from DIBS. That's just a couple of examples, we are happy to tell you more about getting paid in the travel industry.

We typically recommend:

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Digital content

Downloading and streaming are by default directly related to ecommerce with internet as the distribution channel. Streaming is popular on smartphones and tablets, which also calls for a payment solution that adapts to the specific device. Amongst our customers in this category, we notice SF Anytime.


We typically recommend

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Online retail

The online retail market holds a large portion of DIBS' customers. Swedish furniture store Svensson i Lammhult, One Piece and Top Streetwear are just a few of our customers. We can find a great payment solution for your retail business.

We typically recommend:

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We handle the payments for many large telecom companies such as 3, Comviq and TDC, and we know that subscription payments is a key feature to handle payments in this industry.

We typically recommend:

  • Subscription payments - Let your customers pay automatically every month
  • Bulk service - Minimize your work load by gathering all your transactions once every month
  • API - Technical thing that makes it easy to integrate your systems to our administration system

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Food & beverage

Ecommerce for food and beverage has really boomed during the last couple of years. Amongst our customers you can find Middagsfrid and We have learned that monthly subscription is a good recipe for success in this industry.

We typically recommend:

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Financial services

We have many banks, as well as, debt collectors as customers. More and more financial services institutions ask for our help with payments online. As experts we are happy to contribute to their business development.

We typically recommend

  • Customized and tailored payment window and process
  • Bulk service - Makes the processing more efficient by sending all transactions once every day.
  • Mail and Phone - Let your customers/debtors pay through your call center

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Why pick DIBS for your online payments?

Payments made easy

We make it easy to get paid online

  • We provide more than 40 different payment options with one integration
  • We give you specialized consulting and help to get started
  • Our Administration is user-friendly and easy manageable

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Safe and reliable

We make online shopping safe and consistent

  • We meet all the safety requirements within the industry
  • Our security is annually reviewed by Visa / Mastercard
  • We supply top class products to prevent fraud

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Experienced and flexible

We create your solution backed by knowledge

  • We have 18 years of experience with tailored payment solutions
  • More than 15,000 customers and 2 billion transactions
  • We have local experts represented throughout the Nordic countries

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Impressive partners

We have a vast and impressive partner network that can help you succeed

  • Partners with technical expertise in how to integrate DIBS
  • Impressive list of financial partners, that makes it possible to accept many payment types
  • We have many, many partners that can help you succeed with your ecommerce solution

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